50 Best Root Apps for Rooted Android Phones (2016-2017)

One of the best ways to get most out of your Android phone is by using the root apps in it. And in this article, I decided to cover some of the best root apps so that you can enjoy Android OS at its best.

best root apps 2017 for rooted android phone
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Android is well known for its customization nature and because of this, Android phone users can customize it the way they want. And if you have rooted your Android phone, then just by installing a free root app, you can take full control over your device.

With the help of these root apps, you can remove bloatware, customize android home screen as well as improve the battery life of the device. You can install custom ROMs as well as Xposed modules.

For whatever reason, you have rooted your Android phone, you definitely looking for some of the best root apps for your Android phone. Right? In this article, you will find all the best one.

But before, you start looking at the best apps for rooted Android phone, it is very important to understand the term rooting.

What is Android Rooting?

Rooting is like jailbreaking for Android that let the users go deep inside the Android phone subsystem. This process helps in gaining full access to the complete Android OS.

With the help of rooting, you can uplift all the restriction which device carrier or manufacturer apply. You can run more apps, you can overclock or underclock your processor, and you can replace the firmware. Here is everything you need to know about Android Rooting.

The most advantageous part of this installation is that you can control the overclocking of the CPU and GPU. Isn’t it amazing! Even if you’ve not rooted your device, then after reading the post till this line, you will definitely want to root your android phone and after that look for root apps.

Best Root Apps for Rooted Android Phone (2017)

So this is the right place to find some apps for your rooted Android phone. Here is the list:

1. Greenify

greenify app for android

This is the simplest and easiest root app that you can have. It is useful in increasing and improving the battery life of your android. Its function gets hibernated in other running apps like WhatsApp or Facebook.

2. Xposed

xposed framework for android

Xposed is a framework for modules that let you alter the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. With the help of Xposed framework, you can easily enjoy all the features of custom ROMs.

3. Rom Manager Root App

rom manager root app for android

There are various unique features of this root app. The features are flash your recovery, you can systematize and carry out backup and from your SD card, you can install ROM. It is an app that you must have.

4. Smart Booster App

smart booster pro app for android

If your phone becomes sluggish then this is the must have root app for you. It allows you to clean the RAM and also to clean the basic usage. It is the best app for those who want a faster phone. You must want to make your phone faster so have it.

5. Titanium Backup


This one is best suited for a person who wants to flash their phone often. It is used to take backup of the ROM and data. In addition, it can be used to back up other applications and data. According to critics, this is the most useful root app. You definitely want to have this.

6. Lucky Patcher

lucky patcher for android

It is one of the great tools that let you modify apps permissions, remove ads, bypass premium application license verification, backup and restore apps and much more.

7. Root Firewall

root firewall for android

If you have this app you can block any other app from becoming online. You can separate WIFI and 3G data. It also helps to stop battery drainage.

8. Solid Explorer

solid explorer for android

It is the most trusted among the must have apps for android 2016. It makes solid Explorer be fully functional; its two separate panels serve as file browsers, you can also drop and drag inside and between the panels.

9. Device Control

device control app for android

If you want to control multiple features like Task manager, App manager, Editors and like then this is the suited app for you. This will additionally help you to monitor your CPU and GPU frequencies.

10. FolderMount

folder mount for android

This app helps to increase memory on your internal SD card. It creates a duplicate of the files in the internal card onto the external card and when you delete the files from your internal card you save storage space.

11. DiskDigger Undelete

diskdigger photo recovery app for rooted android phone

This Root app can recover as well from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and exFAT partitions. It can also scan your entire disk to find files of a particular type.

12. SCR Screen Recorder

scr screen recorder app for rooted android phone

It is one of the best screencast app available on the web. With this, you can record the screen of the app while playing the games or doing whatever on the screen. It let you add the microphone commentary to the system audio recording.

13. GLTools

gltools app for rooted android phone

It allows you to customize the resolution of your phone. You may be facing a problem playing the high-end game, you can use this app to increase the resolution so that you can play those. Basically, it improves the graphics quality.

14. Build Prop Editor

Build Prop Editor app for rooted android phone

If you want your phone to run smoothly then this is a must have Root app for you. This app has all the information that makes your phone’s hardware and software to accelerate.

15. ROM Toolbox Pro

rom toolbox pro

This is the most powerful app available. This app allows you to have all the features that other apps allow you in one app.

16. SDFix

SDFix - KitKat Writable MicroSD app for rooted android phone

Do you want to read and write anything on the SD card? Then this is the app that you are looking for. This app allows you to do so. If you want this app you can have.

17. Set DNS Root App

Set DNS app for rooted android phone

It allows you to use custom name server on WIFI. It works for IPv4 and IPv6. It also preserves your name server information.

18. Android firewall+

android firewall app for rooted android phone

It helps to restrict the access of the application to your data. It enhances the security of your phone. Must you want to have this?

19. StickMount

StickMount app for rooted android phone

You may want to mount a USB stick to your phone. You can do this by using this app. You can connect and reconnect the USB stick at your wish.

20. Root Browser

root browser for android

It enables you to manage your file in the most professional manner. It helps to move copy or even delete the file.

21. Data Sync

DataSync app of android

If you want to save or sync your data to some other device, you can use this app. It works through your WIFI letting you do the data sharing.

22. GMD GestureControl

GMD GestureControl Lite app for Android

You can control your device with multi-touch and multi-control as in iPad if you use this app. Isn’t it fascinating! Want to have it?

23. DriveDroid Rooted App

DriveDroid app for android

It allows you to boot your computer through files stored on your phone. It also helps to download USB images and create blank USB images.

24. 3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox Pro app for android

It is a toolbox of all the apps that you can find. So it is a very useful app. You can perform various works using this simple app.

25. Better Battery Stats


It helps you to analyze the working of your phone. It also helps you to detect and find a remedial measure to issues which are making the phone slow.

26. Sixaxis Controller

sixaxis settings app for android

It allows you to play games as it is supposed to be. So, if you are a game lover you must have this app to have a better experience.

27. SD Maid

SD Maid app for android

This is a cleaning app. It helps you to clean your phone effectively. It, in turn, increases your storage space by deleting unnecessary files.

28. System App Remover

system app remover app for android

It is a way that you can remove or transfer your app to the SD card. This app helps to have more storage space.

29. XBooster

XBooster app for android

It helps to boost your phone’s performance. It, on the other hand, increases the life of your battery. Who doesn’t want this?

30. Flashify

flashify for android

It helps you to safely backup everything on your phone onto a local storage or cloud storage. If you want to have it and store your data it is easy to have.

31. Kernel Tuner

Effective customization of your phone can be done using this app. It offers full CPU and GPU control. You must be waiting to have to it, isn’t it?

32. Pry-Fi

It helps you to stop others from tracking your phone data. It will allow you to connect to WIFI but not let another WIFI user track you. It enhances the security feature of your phone.

33. Amplify Battery Extender

Don’t you want to have an extended battery life? Definitely, you would. Install this app and you will have it.

34. Speed Up Swap

As the name suggest it speeds up your android phone and makes it more responsive. It also allows you to use your memory efficiently.

35. Tasker

tasker for android

If you want to automate your android, then you must have this app. It helps you to design your screen overlay and create a standalone application which you can use or sell.

36. Xposed GEL Settings

It helps you to play hide and seek! Astonished, yes, it allows you to hide google task bar, other apps or anything that you wish. It is easy to use also.

37. Rashr – Flash Tool

This app cleans and backups your recovery data and kennel. It is fast and easy to use but uses it after having a proper knowledge.

38. ZDbox

It is an app that allows you to optimize your phone and also make it fast and save your phone battery. It has a simple and nice interface.

39. Root App Deleter

It is a more efficient app compared to others to manage system apps or to manage your android system. It can run on a phone with less memory too.

40. Wi-Fi Key Recovery


This app helps you to recover Wi-Fi password if you have forgotten it. It does it efficiently by reading it from your device instead of cracking the network.

41. Root Uninstaller

You just need to have this app which freezes apps that were previously installed. It is easy and fast to use.

42. X Privacy Installer

This application helps to install the ultimate easy to use privacy manager XPrivacy. The privacy manager obstructs application to share private and sensitive data.

43. Trickster Mod Rooted App

The support and interactive interface make this app stand out among many. Using this app, you can make your phone faster and increase the battery life. You can also increase the headset volume and strength of vibration, have advanced gamma control and simply overclock the phone.

44. LiveBoot

This app allows you to see logcat and dmesg outputs on your phone screen. It also allows testing the current configuration of your phone without booting.

45. Link2SD

This app helps to move data to the second partition of the memory card. It also helps to link external and internal data and dex files to SD card.

46. Terminal Emulator

emulator terminal for android

Terminal Emulator for Android let you access the Android’s default Linux command line shell. It offers you full Linux terminal emulation, launcher shortcuts, and multiple windows.

47. FontFix

If you want to change the font on your Android phone? Give a try to give this app which is home for around 4300 fonts

48. Triangle Away

With the help of this app, you can reset the custom ROM flash counter to zero.

49. Xmod Games

xmod games for android

It is the best mobile game assistant app with accelerators and mode for hot and trending games available for Android.

You can control the playback through phone speakers, headset, Bluetooth device or any other audio equipment you connect to the phone.

So I have shared with you lots of the best Root Apps for Android. It is up to you to decide and have those that you find amazing.

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