How to Root Nokia X and Install Google Play Store, Apps & Now Launcher

If you’re proud owner of Nokia’s first Android phone i.e. Nokia X which do not come¬†with Google services and apps and now you’re looking for a way to install Google Apps, Google Play Store, and Google Now Launcher into your Nokia X, then this is the article you have been looking for so long.

How to Root Nokia X and Install Google Play Store, Apps & Now Launcher

At the Mobile World Congress 2014, when Nokia unveiled its first android based smartphone named as Nokia X along with Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. No doubt Nokia X was the most awaited Android phone, but Nokia disappointed all the users by destroying the hope that will now have a Nokia Android phone by releasing a forked version of Android. To get started with the device, Nokia X comes with preinstalled Microsoft Apps including its own app store which lack most of the popular apps.

Unlike normal Android phones, Nokia X does not comes with Google API and services which confirm that Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Google Music, Google Play Store and Google Now Launcher will not work on this device. Also, chances are very less that you will able to get them in near future.

If you want to enjoy full-fledged Android experience on your Nokia X and want to run on all Google apps? The good news is, it’s possible! You just need to root your device to get all the Google service running on Nokia X.

I would like to thanks, XDA Senior Member Kashamalaga who came up with simple and easy to use guide i.e. Kashamalaga’s Guide. Using this guide you can easily root your Nokia X and let you install all the Google apps. So why don’t you root your Nokia X and enjoy the real Nokia X

How Kashmalaga Guide Works?

Using this easy to use guide, first of all, you need to get root access on your Nokia X using the Gandalf Exploit in Framaroot. After that, you need to flash or install any root-capable file manager and then copy Gapps package for Nokia X by Kashmalaga to your device /system/app folder and give suitable permission. After that, you need to make few taps to install more apps and you will be able to access all the Google apps.

So if you can’t way to guide try to this amazing guide by Kashamalaga, then check out the complete guide to root and install Google apps in Nokia X.

Disclaimer: No doubt this guide works perfectly fine, but guide includes the rooting process which may void your device warranty. In case something happens wrong with your device PutQues will not be responsible for anything. If you point finger on me, I will laugh on you.

Note: You need to follow this guide to root Nokia X after the new v11.1.1 update. You just need to download the Kingoapp application from the link provided in the description and root your device just in few seconds.

Steps to Root Nokia X and Install Google Apps and Play Store

1. First of all, you need to Root your Nokia X device. For that, you need to use Gandalf Exploit included in FrameRoot app. Download it from here

2. Once your device is rooted, you need a Root Explorer app which you can also download from Google Play Store

3. Now you need to download the Nokia X Gapps KashMalaga zip file which contain all the .apk required to root the device.

4. Extract the zip file to /system/app and change the permissions for this file just like shown in the image below.

permission for apps in nokia x

5. Reboot your device.

6. In the next step, you need to download Google apps using this link. After that extract the zip folder and install the apps which you want to install on your device.

7. Now if you want to install Google Now Launcher you need to tap on the Google Now Launcher .apk file which you extracted from the above step.

google now launcher for nokia x

8. To install Google Play Store again tap on the Google Play Store .apk file. Once installed it will ask you to log-in using Google account details. Once done, Google services will start working on your device.

google play store for nokia x

Congratulations you’ve successfully installed all the Google apps which were missing in Nokia X. Now start using the Google Play store to get more apps on your device.

All the credit for this guide goes to Kashamalaga who shared this guide originally on XDA Forum. So if you need any assistance related to above guide, you can visit the original thread. Also don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments.