What is Mom.exe? How to Remove Mom.exe Virus and Fix the Error

Want to know that What is Mom.exe? Looking for a way to remove the MOM.exe virus or application error messages? Actually, it is possible, here in this article you will read about the best way to fix the error and get rid of troublesome MOM.exe

How to Remove MOM.exe Virus and Fix the Error

What is MOM.exe?

MOM.exe stands for the monitoring program specifically for the Catalyst Control Center by AMD later renamed as ATI Technologies.

What does MOM.exe do?

The work of MOM.exe is to monitor ATI video card graphics use. It is very crucial for running certain functions related to the video card’s graphics driver.

Is MOM.exe Safe?

MOM.exe is absolutely harmless and obviously not a virus. It is just a part of the Catalyst Control Center created by the ATI for their video card graphics which generally runs in the background of the computer. It is included with all the updates and drivers for the 7.2 version and all the newer ones of the CCC.

Can MOM.exe be removed?

This monitoring can easily be removed with some few simple steps. Though completely detaching it can affect the ATI video card graphics as the user may not have access to certain essential functions or programs.

MOM.exe Explained

The first thing you need to understand is MOM.exe is not a virus as it is a monitoring program of the Catalyst Control Center by the ATI technologies which is an American corporation and develops solutions in semiconductor technology.

ATI Technologies also has their applications in motherboards, computer processors, and embedded systems and graphics processors for commercial and consumer markets.

The Catalyst Control Center is a consisting part in the ATI Catalyst software engine. It provides,

  • Customization options for the video to adjust or monitor display settings.
  • Control over Profile display
  • Quality video performance.

Certainly Catalyst Control Center play an important role in your video card’s functioning.

By launching this utility software package users may have access to various key features which include: digital control, display management, 3D enabling, overdriving and color adjustment.

The CCC software offers its users over 20 features and also claims to increase performance on AMD Radeon graphics up to 19% and up to 29% on the AMD APUs.

Specifications of MOM.exe

It is essential for you to know the specifications of MOM.exe. Because, though this .exe file is not harmful to your computer but some viruses may appear in your computer as MOM.exe to hide their true identification from you.

These viruses will attempt to steal your personal information, record it, or interrupt on your regular activity or cause damage to your Windows Operating System.

The executable file MOM.exe is not crucial for the Windows OS and causes limited problems. The file can be located in the subfolder of “C:\Program Files” or in some cases in a subfolder of your profile folder.

The known file sizes are 299,008 bytes, 49,152 bytes and 5 more on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. This compressed program is not a windows core file and also do not have any visible window.

To locate if a spyware or malware is camouflaged itself as MOM.exe or not, you can check it in your Program files or can run an antivirus.

How to Remove MOM.exe Virus and Fix the Error?

Though the program is very much essential for your ATI video graphics card, but if it is becoming a nuisance to you and you continue to receive error pop-up messages then you can uninstall and again install the ATI or ADM Catalyst Control Center or CCC Software.

But before uninstalling or reinstalling ensure you must have the Administrator rights on your computer. As Administrator users only can uninstall and reinstall drivers on the Windows which also means you can execute these troubleshooting related steps only when you’re logged into an account as an Administrator.

In case you don’t  bear Administrator privileges of your computer then contact your system administrator.

After having the Administrator access follow the steps.

Step One

1. Open, first AMD Drivers and Download center page. After that, the website of AMD will determine automatic driver which you will be needing.

2. After that click on the “Download” button and install it.

3. When the pop-up appears, click on the “Run” button and start following the prompts instructions of the program.

Step Two

4. Now launch the “Control panel” on your computer

No matter whatever the version of your windows is, just click on the windows button on the keypad and when the box appears, type “control panel” and open it by selecting.

It is the easiest method to launch the Control Panel in Windows

5. In the Programs Section click on the “Uninstall a program“.

In the program list, find the ATI Technologies Catalyst Install Manager then do a right click. A pop-up will appear, you just have to click the “Uninstall” tab.

  • Note One: The new versions available of the “Catalyst Install Manager” may appear as “AMD Catalyst Install Manager” instead of “ATI Catalyst Install Manager”.
  • Note Two: In case the “Programs and Features” window in your computer shows “ATI Catalyst Install Manager” & “AMD Catalyst Install Manager” both, then uninstall both of them.
  • Note Three: And if the “Programs and Features” window of your computer shows the ‘AMD Catalyst Install Manager” only, then uninstall it.

6. After that continue following the prompts to uninstall Catalyst program.

7. After uninstalling Windows will automatically prompt you for restarting your computer. You can restart it later or then by clicking “OK” button.

Step Three

Now, after the restart of your computer follow the below steps.

8. Open your Internet Explorer browser.

9. After that, look for the “Configuration” icon or gear in the toolbar of Internet Explorer, click on it and select the “View downloads“.

10. Click on the “Run” button, beside the “ATI Catalyst Control Center Program installation” file in the View Downloads window.

11. Next, an “AMD Catalyst Software Installation” Folder window will open and prompt you to select the location for saving the files of software installation.

12. After pressing install, the “AMD Catalyst Install Manager” window will open. Now you can follow prompts for installing it again.

The installation program will present you various options. But if you get confused about what options you can select then use default options.

13. Please don’t change any option and click the “Next” Button for installation.

14. And the final step involves restarting your computer.

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